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Zion Academy of America is an independent Christian education ministry.  We provide homeschool curriculum and services for grades K-12 through our Accredited Christian Distance Learning School.  Our affordable and flexible home-education program has served more than 150,000 students nation-wide since the early 1980's.  We equip, support, and train parents to homeschool while they are enrolled with ZAA.  We enroll students locally, as well as student in all 50 states.


How it works

It is easy!

Just tell us your goal in homeschooling, and what you want to accomplish.  We will help you build a customized plan to fit your special and specific needs.


who we are -

a family tradition

Our journey began in the early 1980's in Texas as a pioneer of the homeschool movement.  We began as a homeschool family and local homeschool supporter. And keeping with our family homeschool traditions and values, we grew into an accredited K-12 distance learning provider. 

Now after 30 years, Mr & Mrs (Reverend) Lindsey, their 2 daughters, and now granddaughters (3 generations) continue to provide you with excellent administrative care.




We provide a customized full-time program and school administrative services.  We work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the best homeschool education possible;  using an extensive and comprehensive Christian curriculum to ensure the student reaches their full potential.



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We are ...

> NOT church affiliated - But we are a faith-based, non-denominational school.

> NOT public education affiliated - But we do provide a private Christian education.

> NOT a common core supporter - But we provide a back-to-basics education foundation.

> NOT a tutoring service - But we train parents to homeschool through our school.

> NOT a support group - But we provide support to every family enrolled in our school.

> NOT a curriculum supplier - But we supply free curriculum to every enrolled student.

> NOT a campus-based school - But we are a non-brick-&-mortar school for students to study at home.