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Below are stories from our student families.


We'd like to hear from all of you! Tell us about your experience with our staff or school.  

What do you love about our services?

What has our school or staff done to help your family?

What can we improve upon to better serve you?

Stephen has done so well at Zion and I must admit I too have learned some things.  His dad and I are so happy to see Stephen showing an interest in school.  He studies without being asked, he retains the information, it's wonderful. 


He wrote the President of the United States and told him about this school.  The President wrote him back.  Our Pastor plans to share it with the church in hopes that more parents take charge of their children's education. 


This has been one of the greatest ventures our family has experienced.  If someone would have asked me about a year ago if I would consider this type of school, I would have said "no".  I, like so many other parents, were shallow minded about social skills.  But Stephen is more social now than ever.  I could go on and on about this school. 


Thank you for all you do!

My son has been with Zion since middle school, now in his 3rd year of high school, this has been on e of the most amazing experiences for our family. 


The staff is wonderful!  They are always a call away.  They provide helpful tips to ensure the student succeeds academically.


Truly, this has been a positive experience for the entire family.  We thank God for ZAA. {August 2014}

Featured Story


Zion Academy was such a God send. My daughter was in High School in the public school system and had some struggles so she was on a 504 plan. It became harder and harder to stay on top of school work and to get to school everyday. I had met several times with the school and advisers there. Even though she was an A and B student she would be failing if she couldn’t get to school. We had tried this on and off for 3 years and it became so hard and the struggle was too much. I googled for an online homeschool program and Zion Academy popped up. I loved that it was affordable and flexible and God centered!! My daughter was in the middle of a semester which made this switch seem so much harder when other online schools will not let you switch ½ way through a semester. I called and asked questions to a very kind and understanding person at Zion. I felt cared about from the beginning. My daughter started at Zion in the middle of the semester and everything transferred from her public school without any issues. My daughter didn’t sleep at night anymore so Zion was great for her. She could do school work at night or in the middle of the night and she had great teachers. I love the experience and Zion enabled my daughter to graduate this year when the public school system made it impossible.


Thank you so much Zion… Mikki and Meredith for all your understanding, help and encouragement for myself and my daughter to accomplish graduation! Praise the Lord!!!

Christie H.

Castle Rock, WA (2019)


It's been 3 years since my daughter started at Zion Academy.  This has been the best solution for her and I so appreciate everyone at Zion for keeping us on track and this wonderful program.  Most importantly it enables my daughter to start college classes early and is preparing her for a future in firefighting and EMT training.  She is currently using her math in fire training.  I love to read her materials myself as I am learning something from the materials myself.  God Bless everyone there at Zion Academy.


My daughter just graduated last May (2013).  She was able to do her Senior year and also her EMT classes at the same time.  She was just hired in our county as an EMT and plans to begin within the next year to be a paramedic.  I was so proud to see her efforts pay off and to see her in her new uniforms.  Her education played a large part in how she turned out!

Karen S.

Pinnacle, NC (2013)

This has truly been life changing for both me and my son.  I have learned so much about his learning style and what he needs to improve in order to become a more patient learner.  We had our moments of frustration, but we made it through.  Because of my child's diagnosis of dysgraphia coupled with not having to write in cursive, he struggled with it quite a bit.  I will work with him more on this.  If eel sure that if we stay the course, and with Zion Academy's help and guidance he will get back on course.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to help my child become great, by the grace of God.

Lisa B.

NC (2015)

This was the best solution for my son.  He went from D's and F's to A's and B;s.  I would recommend this program to anyone!

Karla S.

Naperville, IL (2015)

My daughter has chosen Zion for her high school completion.  There isn't the extra credit {papers} to make sure you pass.  You actually learn the program and know you are progressing as you should.  Thank you to Pastor Lindsey, Mikki and all of the staff.  Although I think late fees should be a litter more lenient I know you have to set deadlines and fees.

Shae B.

Jemison, AL (2015 Graduate)

The school is a great way to spend time with your child and structure their learning based on wholesome materials.

Tammy S.

Anna, Tx (2015)

My daughter graduated this year from your school and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all that you did for us.  I never imagined that it would be 100 times better than public school.  She was so discouraged and had very little self-confidence in public school.  When she started at Zion Academy she became so much more confident!  I think your school is absolutely amazing and my husband and I wish that we could have enrolled her sooner.  I have recommended Zion Academy to several people we know and will keep recommending it!  

Again, THANK YOU all so much!  I could say it again and again and it still would not be enough to express our gratitude!  

God bless each and every one of you!

Rita D.

Vilonia, AR (2010 Graduate)

Our first graduated in April, We are filled with mixed emotions.  Although he was not our natural son, we raised our nephew to be one of our own.  We knew that his graduation would be the beginning of a new life for him, but we also knew it was an ending to a chapter in our lives.  Due to illness of his parent and person set-back in his life, we knew that Zion would be the best place where our nephew could thrive - a place where we could give him the personal attention he needed. After 12 years, we had seen our goal come to fruition, and Zion helped to make that possible.  He enjoyed his schooling so much, that not only did his grade point average increase significantly, but so did his self-confidence level.  Well, the tine finally arrived, and he moved out to be with his natural mother a few days ago.  It has been bittersweet, but it is also a season to heal.  Now, he and his mother can restore the life they lost, and he can finally move forward.  With his diploma in one hand, his family behind him and a bright future in the Navy ahead of him. There is nothing he cannot accomplish.  Thank you, Zion Academy, for your constant support and understanding.  We look forward to watching our own sons graduate next (2012 & 2014).

Gloria S.

Columbia, PA (2010, 2012, 2014 Graduates)

I want to say Thank You for the opportunity given to my son during this last Semester.  I like your program and would recommend you to anyone wanting to homeschool. 

Kelly C.

Quincy, IN (2010)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to homeschool Tyler!  Zion made it so easy to homeschool.  Your staff was there for us all the way.  HUGE THANK YOU!

Kathleen H.

Auburn, WA (2010)

We just received our granddaughter's grades and Diploma from Zion Academy.  She only attended Zion for her senior year.  Grade point average from Zion Academy was an average of 3.2  How we wish we could turn back the clock to give her more than 1 year at Zion.  She would be able to go to any college she chose.  Grateful to Zion, Meredith and the gang for all you did to ensure Anna met the requirements to graduate on time.  She will be attending the local 2 year college on a partial scholarship to play fast-pitch softball.  Thank you so much!

Theresa E.

Milledgeville, GA (2010)

Thank you for the wonderful curriculum you provided for my daughter.  Our experience with your school was just wonderful.  

Cynthia F.

San Jose, CA (2010)

My son was a gifted and talented student thru high school until we hit some hard bumps, he then was transferred to Can Academy of Ft. Worth and that was even worse, until I heard from another parent about Zion Academy.  Thanks be to God this was what we prayed to find.  Someone that was willing to assist him  on a one-on-one basis; and he graduated the 1st of this year!  Thank be to GOD!

Carrie A.

Fort Worth, TX (2010)

Let me start by thanking all of your staff for a wonderful experience.  I was very nervous when we first enrolled. I am next-day mailing all the completed assignments, and also sending the completed re-enrollment forms. 

Meloney L.

Almont, MI (2010 Graduate)

Thank you so much for the educational materials and methodology that is providing an excellent learning opportunity for Giovante.  We are so pleased.  He has said he fells he is learning so much more than he did with his previous school.  At this point, he wants to continue with the program another year!

Glourise H.

Danville, IL (2010)

Thank you for your expertise and compassion over the past years. The Zion Academy program was just what my daughter needed.  I appreciate everything you have done to help her and in making her an educated young woman.  I especially appreciate your flexibility in determining her worthiness for this valued diploma.  I am proud of her for giving her very best in all her assignments.  I can only say that I hope and pray for you and all the attention you give to helping students in your ministry. 

May GOD bless you and yours now and always is my prayer.

Lawrence R.

Reno, NV (2010 Graduate)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all at Zion Academy for all your help and support this past school year.  You have been very nice and patient with us, even when my card was giving you problems.  Your curriculum is excellent!  I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to homeschool their child.  The PACE's are very easy to understand and are not overwhelming at all. 


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to try your homeschool program. 

Bonnie A.

West Palm Beach, FL (2013 Graduate)

Thank you all so much for an absolutely wonderful year at Zion Academy.  I can't tell you enough how much you are all appreciated, and how much better my daughter is doing since enrolling with Zion.  You have worked with me and my child, and I just can't tell you Thank You enough!

Zion Academy has been such a Godsend for us.  After going thru the special services circuit for a few years, and literally watching my child being swept under the carpet, my husband and I inquired to Zion Academy and enrolled our daughter in December 2009.

Since enrolling my child, she is more socially active, (which is amazing, since the school termed her as ASD and said she needed that socialization because she wasn't social enough. The socialization she got was being picked on because she couldn't speak right, and had trouble understanding things, emotions of other people, etc.)  Before, my 1st grader would come home and cry.  We would drive to school and cry.  Now, everyday, my daughter asks, "We going to do school work now?"  She loves it!!!  Since just December (now March), we have seen a 120% improvement in her attitude, behavior, desire to learn, and everything!  And the best part of all is she gets the one-on-one learning that she desperately needed with out the added distraction of other students. surprises, etc. of a public school. 

I simply cannot thank God enough for showing us the way to Zion Academy.  It has been a HUGE blessing, and one we all enjoy!

Daphne U.

Hobbs, NM (2010)

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