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What People Are Saying

We want to give you the opportunity to hear what some of our families have experienced here at Zion, but more importantly we want you to see that you are not alone and there are others that have similar stories.
My son has done so well at Zion, and I must admit, I too have learned some things. His dad and I are so happy to see him showing an interest in school. He studies without being asked, he retains the information, it’s wonderful.
He wrote the President of the United States and told him about his school. The President wrote him back. Our Pastor plans to share it with the church in hopes that more parents take charge of their children’s education.
This has been one the greatest ventures our family has experienced. If someone would have asked me about a year ago if I would consider this type of school, I would have said no. I like so many other parents were shallow minded about social skills. But my son is more social now than ever. I could go on and on about this school.
Thank you for all you do.
Glenda S. – North Carolina ~ Dated March 09, 2010 ~ Enrolled August 2009
My younger son has begun his first year with Zion and we are enjoying the PACE packets a lot.
In the beginning of September, I enrolled my older son in an online home school academy. While I do believe the online school is great academically, I’m enjoying the PACE packets so much with my younger son that I’m actually regretting not enrolling my older son in Zion. I really like the parent involvement with the PACE packets, while at the same time they have the opportunity to do assignment on their own. With the online academy, I don’t feel as though I am able to see what he is learning and actually be a part of his learning experience.
Is it too late to enroll my older son in Zion?
ZION: It’s never too late to enroll!
Christina I. – New Jersey ~ Dated September 2013 ~ Enrolled August 2013
As a Christian mother of one, I had learned about the mainstream educational system and the “dumbing down”, so to speak of our children. I began seeking to find an affordable, quality and Christian filled curriculum in which to consider for our daughter’s education. I did this knowing there were literally thousands to consider, which made this feel like an overwhelming task, but felt confident with my prayerful spirit the Lord would assure me when I was led to the school that would best suit our needs as a family. Like always when we trust his will and align ourselves to his way he exceeds our expectations. The entire staff at the Zion Academy has been very helpful, professional, and sincere in their desire and dedication to be leaders for the greater good in the education of our children. They respond promptly to concerns and/or questions. We have felt blessed to have found such a successful school in which our daughter can receive her education and graduate with a high school diploma that will prepare her to be successful in achieving a college degree. As all loving parents, each one of us everyday wants to do what is in the best interest of our child’s individual needs that will help them find their gifts and talents. Along the way we are all prone to have doubts that we are in fact doing the best we can and find ourselves possibly questioning decisions made in regards to education choices. Especially when the “main stream” way of doing things and others in our lives cannot understand the homeschool option we have chosen, as they are always suggesting or implying that we are depriving our child of social interaction. While I prayerfully and diligently searched for other legal educational options, we placed our daughter in an established private school for kindergarten and the best rated public school system in our community for first grade. Prayerfully continuing to seek God’s will, not the world’s way or the will of friends and family, I was faithfully led to Zion Academy for second grade. Our daughter is very intelligent, creative and tenderly loves the Lord with all of her heart. The curriculum is woven with threads of scripture leading her education each and every day. In our way of thinking, we would much rather have our daughter have social interaction that is positive and filled with the love of the Lord, than to continue to subject her to all the negative input that she was learning in the public system. We teach our daughter that she is “love in motion” and that she is right where she is meant to be, doing her best with the love and guidance of Jesus in her heart every day. When we place God and his ways first and foremost in our lives, we all thrive. Our daughter’s love of her school speaks volumes. As in her own words when asked if she would like to go to another school or back to public school, her immediate response is “No, I do not, public school is the worst place in the whole world, I love going to this private school!” Confident enough and enough said.
Denise R. – New York ~ Dated January 2011 ~ Enrolled August 2010
The U.S. Department of Education filed a report that 1 out of 4 candidates cannot pass the U.S. Army entrance exam. Yet my daughter, a graduate of Zion Academy of America, passed it in the highest 10% of all applicants! My daughter is now a member of the U.S. Army (Medical Combat Team).
The education she received from Zion Academy helped her score high on the Army entrance exam. Great job by the Zion Academy of America staff!
Thank you on behalf of all current and former students.
Lawrence R. – Nevada ~ Dated December 2010 ~ Enrolled October 2007 ~ Graduated June 2010
It’s been 3 years since my daughter started at Zion Academy. This has been the best solution for her! And I appreciate everyone at Zion Academy for keeping us on track with this wonderful program. Most importantly, it enables my daughter to start college classes early and is preparing her for a future in firefighting and EMT training. She is currently using her math in fire training. I love to read her materials myself, because I am learning something from the materials also.
God Bless everyone there at Zion Academy.
Karen S. – North Carolina ~ Dated Oct 20, 2010 ~ Enrolled October 2007
My daughter graduated this year (2010) from your school and I wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ so much for all that you did for us. I never imagined that it would be 100 times better than public school. She was so discouraged and had very little self-confidence in public school. When she started at Zion Academy she became so much more confident! I think your school is absolutely amazing and my husband and I wish that we would have enrolled her sooner. I have recommended Zion Academy to several people we know and will keep recommending it!
Again, thank you all so much. I could say it again and again and still would not be enough to express our gratitude! God bless each and every one of you!
Rita D. – Arkansas ~ Dated Sept 2010 ~ Enrolled April 2008
First off let me express my gratitude for the curriculum and especially the Christian influence on history. The format is excellent. Reading and answering questions over and over gets the point across. The workbooks break the work down in more do-able sizes.
I was forced to retire from teaching when I was 57. I was not a happy camper, because I loved teaching. I loved to see the spark in a student’s eyes as they realized all can learn – not all in the same way, or the same methods, but all can learn!
Public school was not a good experience for my grandson. He is very much an outdoors man. Reading a book was way down on his priority list. When he started the course he had little confidence in himself. One teacher told him he was stupid, and believe me, he remember that lesson. Before starting with Zion Academy I asked him on a scale of 1-10 where he thought he was in being able to learn. He immediately responded with 3. A few weeks later after starting with Zion Academy I gave him a scale of 1-11 and asked the same question, and his immediate response was, “Oh, about a 9 & 3/4″. I got a little teary eyed once when his grandpa came in while he was taking a test and my grandson looked up with a big smile and said, “P-pa, I can learn and remember”.
It’s been a great experience! He is a talker and a thinker, so we have had great discussions, and still feed off the experience. His parents are very disgusted with themselves for not doing this sooner. My grandson’s comment was, “I sure have more respect for these homeschool kids. The courses and tests they give in High School is like baby work compared to this.”
We are proud grandparents, no only because of his sports achievements, but because of his Christian principles, work ethic, discipline, respect for people, and over all humble attitude.
Thanks for providing such quality materials. It surely has made this a summer to remember.
Emma S. – Oklahoma ~ Dated August 2010 ~ Enrolled April 2010 (summer course)
I am a mother of 4 children – 1 son and 3 daughters. My kids are now 20 to 12 years old.
Over the years I’ve tried to work with many different schools and school programs. My kids have had IEP’s, 504 plans, special ed, resource, OT, Speech, home & hospital program, special day class, home study program and score a tutor programs. NONE of them fit or worked for my family. My kids have had many health problems, meds, hospital stays, and surgeries. The public schools were not supportive. It was like trying to fit square pegs into a round hole.
I was praying for another way. A way to give my children a good education and still care for their health. To be able to have a school care about my children’s health more than the bottom line. Then I found Zion Academy. It has been an answer to my prayer. The kids are getting better grades, and it’s Christian too. Also, the kids are sick less. This school works with us. This school has changed our whole family.
School was a horrible pressure that use to say your not good enough, and it never saw the bigger picture. These are children and human beings 1st! Now I found that Zion is supportive, and willing to work with us. Also, when you add-up all the nickel and dime stuff, fees, PE clothes, that public school demands… Zion is a bargain when compared!
I know all the money is going to my kids. At first I thought, “I’m not a teacher.”, but Zion tells me what to do every step of the way and I can call or email if I get stuck. Now it’s been 3 years with Zion Academy. Every year we sit down and I ask my kids, “do you want Zion or return to public school?”, and we all pick Zion again and again.
Zion gives us a great education and more time to be a family. Zion gives us a way to have an education and a life. Zion is part of the village to raise a child. THEY CARE!
Thank you.
Cristina S. – California ~ Dated August 2010 ~ Enrolled October 2007
Our oldest graduated from Zion Academy in April 2010.
We are filled with mixed emotions. Although he was not our natural son, we raised our nephew to be one of our own. We knew that his graduation would be the beginning of a new life for him, but we also knew it was an ending to a chapter in our lives. Due to illness of his parents and personal set-backs in his life, we knew that Zion would be the best place where our nephew could thrive – a place where we could give him the personal attention he needed.
After twelve years, we had seen our goal come to fruition, and Zion helped to make that possible. He enjoyed his schooling so much, that not only did his grade point average increase significantly, but so did his self-confidence level.
Well, the time finally arrived, and he moved out to be with his natural mother a few days ago. It has been bittersweet, but it is also a season to heal. Now, he and his mother can restore the life they lost, and he can finally move forward.
With his diploma in one hand, his family behind him, and a bright future in the Navy ahead of him, there is nothing he cannot accomplish.
Thank you, Zion Academy, for your constant support and understanding. We look forward to watching our own sons graduate next!
Gloria S. – Pennsylvania ~ Dated May 3, 2010 ~ Enrolled January 2009
Just wanted to share, that our public schools are really going down hill and that my daughter was falling way behind, exposed to way more than any child should be. Then we researched schools and found Zion Academy. What a difference! When she was tested, I found she tested really low and could see the areas that she was behind. I’m already seeing the difference in the quality of work she is doing, and being able to focus. She was unable to focus in school so much that it was being questioned as to whether she was ADD or ADHD, and since enrolled in Zion Academy, she focuses very well. I pray it continues.
Nadine C. – Washington ~ Dated 11-02-09 ~ Enrolled October 2009
Thank you so much for your school. You just do not know the confidence and difference you have made in my son.
We always knew he was smart and could do his work, but just could not get him to realize this. Being able to take his time and the one-on-one has made such a difference. For someone that is ADHD and dyslexic (as he is) this has been the BEST thing for him. A little exhausting at times for me, but so worth it!)
I just can not thank you enough.
Linda G. – New Jersey ~ Dated 10-21-09 ~ Enrolled July 2009
Our son is really enjoying Zion Academy‘s school and so am I. He tells me he likes all of his subjects and they are all his favorite. He is learning so much! I feel we are so blessed to have found Zion Academy. Both of my children are learning so much about God and the Bible. That means so much to me and my husband! My son is really grateful to be learning at home and be learning so much about God.
I really enjoy homeschooling! I wanted to do this from the beginning, but my husband was concerned about his socialization. My husband now sees how our son is doing so much better and learning about God and the Bible too. We are very grateful.
Thank you and God bless.
Kimberly H. – Texas ~ Dated 10-13-09 ~ Enrolled August 2009
My daughter was eager to get started when the first box of materials arrived. The books are fantastic! She likes the Bible passages a lot and the short storyline on some pages too. She love Mathematics and Social Studies.
Also, thanks for the excellent customer service that you always show. God bless.
Michelle B. – New York ~ Dated 09-14-09 ~ Enrolled August 2009
Our family would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity! We were extremely nervous in the beginning, but the material has been very workable and easily understood. Our daughter love it!
We appreciate your kind staff and the support which you have provided to us thus far.
Jennifer S. – Texas ~ Dated 09-24-09 ~ Enrolled August 2009
Today our daughter Graduates from High School. We are of course very proud parents.
We also know that we would not be here without the help, love, and support that you gave us as a family, and the special care and interest that you showed in Maya and what she needed to grow and overcome the issues she faced.
Zion is not just a School or a Business, it is a place that cares for all the lives they touch.
Thanks for being there for us. Thank You for the Blessing you have been to our family.
Monica L. – Indiana ~ Dated May 2009 ~ Enrolled April 2005
I have enrolled two of my kids in Zion Academy. It is the best thing I have ever done for both of them. I was a little skeptical at first but once I saw how excited they were to get their books I was convinced. They are burning through the material faster then they can ship it and not because it is too easy but because they are so excited about learning the material. My son had never liked school before and had a lot of missing homework. Now he is getting good grades, feeling good about himself, and loving school.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to allow my children to enjoy learning.
Lisa S. – Illinois ~ Dated February 2009 ~ Enrolled November 2008
We had a great 1st quarter of school this year. My daughter’s favorite subject is Science. She especially enjoys the Science experiments. Math was a challenge for a while this semester, but she is happy we had the 3 plus hour math classes to get her daily work done, because it only takes her a few minutes to do her math now. Our reward is hearing her say, “Thank you for teaching me”. From the time she started Zion Academy a few years ago, she went from reading a little, to reading chapter books within a couple of months. Her spelling has improved dramatically.
We also like to emphasize the importance of one-on-one time to ensure that the student is able to reach their potential; which is seriously lacking in public education where children who could be quite brilliant are routinely swept under the carpet. It’s no wonder we have to import our technical workers. The concept of ‘no child left behind’ unfortunately has the opposite effect of ‘no child moving forward’. We wish that our 2 older children had attended Zion and not endured the drawbacks of public education. We are glad we found you for our youngest.
Thank you Zion!
Mamie H – Colorado ~ Dated 10-27-08 ~ Enrolled May 2006
I just want to say that Zion Academy has been a God send to my son and me. I would recommend that you stop reading and just enroll your child!
Public school was fine until middle school, and then I began seeking alternative methods for his education. I tried home schooling first. This turned out to be very overwhelming and way too stressful of a job for someone who already works full time. So, When I found Zion on line, read the testimonials, inquired about the curriculum, and checked out the tuition rate compared to our local private schools, I decided to give it a try. I sure am glad I did and I don’t care what gets paid at our house tuition comes first!!
My son is on the Autism Spectrum, he has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has above average intelligence, but is sociably impaired which has caused him a lot of grief in the public school arena. The rigid classroom scheduling, unpredictable changes, and social norms that he was unable to read or understand from his environment always had him on edge. Test anxiety, socialization and sensory overloads are the major causes of melt downs for him, are now a thing of the past. He has even become more social with others since the pressure of having to perform has been removed.
With Zion Academy the curriculum is catered to his needs, not to an entire class. He can work at his own “PACE”. My son’s way of thinking is so concrete that since he is the one doing, checking, and re-doing his work it places the ownership of completing each page in the PACE where it belongs, on him. He loves his designated work and check area (which he measured to insure accuracy of the ten paces apart) that Zion recommends is Awesome! The organized, “No Surprise” curriculum gives him the, “I know what to expect, when it is to be done, and where to do it” organization that he needs to perform at his best and to be successful.
I am an Autism Instructional Assistant in the school system where I live and I would recommend Zion Academy to anyone who has a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am constantly amazed at how much my child has changed since the pressure of “you have to socialize” has been removed. My only regret is that I did not enroll him in Kindergarten.
Zion Academy has removed so much stress from us both that words can’t even begin to describe. I wish I could give the staff of Zion Academy a big hug.
Elaine F. – North Carolina ~ Dated 08-20-08 ~ Enrolled January 2008
After many disappointments from the public school environment, I came across Zion Academy very late one night and immediately decided to enroll our son. It was the answer to my prayers. I really felt that Zion Academy would suit our son’s needs and so far it has. He has better grades and the ‘drama’ of High School is no longer a part of our lives. Although we face some challenges with the curriculum, I believe those challenges are preparing our son for the independence he will need to continue into his college education. We only have a few more lessons to go before graduation.
To everyone at Zion Academy… Thanks for the support!
Chandra W. – Texas ~ Dated 07-23-08 ~ Enrolled November 2007
I just wanted to write you a quick letter to thank you very much for what ya’ll (Zion Academy) have done for my son. Thanks for everything and I look forward to the new year. My son has really enjoyed doing the work and enjoys having the extra time in the day too. I love how the books explain everything, because in the process of helping him, I am learning a few things myself!
Brenda J. – Texas ~ Dated 06-28-08 ~ Enrolled February 2008
It has been a struggle for us to get everything moving along productively. But even though it has been a challenge, it has also been a miracle for us. I woke up in the middle of the night one night, and found my son studying the Bible. I could hardly believe my eyes!
He has worked harder and cared about this more than he has ever cared about education in his life. He has hated school since he first stepped foot in the door when he was 2 years old.
He has improved in every way, and so has our life since he began in Zion Academy. We are both so much less stressed.
Thank you for all your help in the past and in advance for the future.
Diane W. – Michigan ~ Dated 04-14-08 ~ Enrolled January 2008
My daughter loves the work. She NEVER got this kind of work from her public school. She really loves the Social Studies and is starting to like the Math. She is doing so much better than she did in public school.
Thank you so much!
Dated 02-22-08
UPDATE: What a great year this has been for my daughter. She has learned so much more with you than she was learning in the county school! She LIKES Math now!
A BIG ‘thank you’! Can’t wait for next year’s work!
Kathy N. – Florida ~ Dated July 2008 ~ Enrolled September 2007
I just want you to know how much this family appreciates you and Zion Academy. It has been such a gift to us and we’re looking forward to another successful year.
Sonja A. – Florida ~ Dated 07-18-08 ~ Enrolled July 2007
BTW, I am so happy with his grades!!!!!!! His grandmother is elated!!!! It has been at least 5 years since I have seen grades this great. I am wondering now if the difference that is made is due to his wanting to learn this way or is it that his learning style is now being catered to.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
Eternally grateful and looking forward to the next great year.
La’Jacinth C. – Georgia ~ Dated 07-01-08 ~ Enrolled January 2008
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach my daughter at home. I know in my heart that she would of never made it in regular school. It has also given us a chance to teach the Bible at home, since you don’t learn it at school any more.
We had a lot of rough times, but you helped us through it and told us we can do it. I see that anyone can do this, especially if it will give your child a chance to learn about God.
Sheila K. – Colorado ~ Dated: 06-13-08 ~ Enrolled November 2004 ~ Graduate 2008
I have enjoyed having the children home and this opportunity to actually watch them learn, and to be able to have a “hands on” participation in the learning process. I truly believe that this school and the opportunity to participate in their education is an answer to my prayers. I was so worried about the public school and then I was so relieved when I found your school – it was like a huge burden lifted from my shoulders.
I have also been grateful that they do not have to go to public school to face all the violence and pier pressure that today’s society allows.
Both children’s health has improved due the non-exposure to school health issues and the cleaning chemicals used.
Raven is so interested in learning, and Alex is thrilled that she can read, and they both are so anxious to do their lessons. It’s a good feeling in my heart that this opportunity has presented itself with such a positive outcome.
I really can’t thank you enough for making this program available and giving this family the opportunity to participate in it.
Frankie M. – Texas ~ Dated 05-29-08 ~ Enrolled July 2007
I recently enrolled my son. It is a privilege for me enrolling my son in Zion Academy. Zion helps families that want to take control of their children’s education.
I felt that the public school was not providing the education that would prepare him for a great future. Since, enrolling my son, I have seen a change in his personality. He enjoys the challenges in each book. Each time he passes a test he congratulates himself.
I would recommend Zion Academy without any doubt, because I see the change in my son.
Tes T. – Maryland ~ Dated 04-07-08 ~ Enrolled March 2008
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your school program. My son and I both enjoy the curriculum. His grades are better than ever, and he is developing substantial interest in all subjects. He feels much more comfortable and focused at home than he ever did in public schools.
We cannot adequately express how thankful and appreciative we are for Zion Academy.
Steven M. – Alabama ~ Dated 03-27-08 ~ Enrolled January 2008
Thank you so much Zion Academy! This is just the solution we were looking for. My daughter had so many medical issues and was missing so much school. Now she works at her own pace and is maintaining a A average. She was an A student in public school but was under so much pressure it was aggravating her medical problems.
This is the perfect solution for anyone who has medical problems and will keep your child right on track and they will finish on time and not feel so overwhelmed.
I appreciate all the kind staff at Zion Academy and all your help with me and my daughter.
Karen S. – North Carolina ~ Dated March 2008 ~ Enrolled October 2007
We started in August 2007 with 3 students (3rd, 6th, and 8th graders). We love it!. My kids had straight A’s in public school and my oldest in private. My kids have changed and even though they were on honor roll and my oldest had a 4.1 GPA, the kids around them scared me. I graduated from school in the early 90’s. Now forget it! I would not step in a public school anymore. The kids have no respect or morals.
We can afford Zion for all 3 kids and they love it. We can go on field trips and hopefully will be in college by age 16. I’m so proud of them and the school for doing a good job.
Thanks from our family, and God bless.
Sandy E. – California ~ Dated February 2008 ~ Enrolled August 2007
I would recommend Zion Academy to everyone without hesitation, because it is an outstanding private school.
I have to take a moment and thank all of you at Zion Academy for your help and for creating a learning program that allows my son to stay home and earn his high school diploma. The school system was terrible and we have entered into another home schooling program where we ran into some troubles that would NOT let my son graduate school. The other school wasn’t even accredited!
I found Zion Academy on the internet and called. I was immediately called back and right at that time, after discussing my situation, I filled out an application, scrapped monies together and got my son started. We were on our way in the right direction.
Enrolling at Zion Academy was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders because my son WOULD graduate! I can’t express enough my gratitude and appreciation of Zion Academy. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Thank you again for all your efforts on keeping me on track and on top of everything. Wish I would have found Zion Academy a long time ago :)
Sandra P. – Missouri ~ Dated February 2008 ~ Enrolled March 2007 (2 students enrolled & 1 graduate of 2008)
I am so excited! Morgan will be finished with her Junior year in about 3 weeks. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the difference Zion Academy has made in her life! She is not the same kid. She is a happy, confident teenager, who absolutely loves the fact that she does not have to be a part of all that high school drama anymore. I wish I had done this years ago! We are so proud of her!
Sandi R. – Texas ~ Dated February 2008 ~ Enrolled May 2007
I have to take a moment and thank all of you at Zion Academy for your help and for creating a learning program that allows my son to stay home and earn his high school diploma. With all that goes on in schools today I love having the option to have my son at home. Matthew has gone from a C and D student to almost straight A’s with your program. The most exciting part for me is watching him attack each new problem with the confidence that he CAN find the answer. Failing is not longer an option for him and I thank God for the relationship that’s building between Matthew and I.
Keep up the great work!
Sandra B. – Oregon ~ Dated Jan 2008 ~ Enrolled June 2007
I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am that I chose Zion Academy for my son. It has been a real blessing for us.
Vicki L. – California ~ Enrolled April 2007
Thank you so much! My son has learned more in 3 months with Zion Academy, than he learned in the 3 years in public schools. You are a great school and are everything that you say you are and then some. We have definitely enjoyed the service that this school provides.
Keep up the great work! You have been awesome! I hope this year will be even greater for us all.
Mildred M. – Maryland ~ Enrolled March 2007 – August 2007
I wanted to say ‘Thank you’. My son feels better about himself now than I believe he ever has. His lack of focus in the public schools had me very concerned. I knew he was smart, but now he knows it too. Your academy is a blessing!
Thank you for all your efforts at keeping parents like me with the peace of knowing what our children are learning and keeping God in OUR school.
Sonya M. – Washington state ~ Enrolled December 2006 – August 2007
My son Ryan is Autistic and public school is not doing him justice. He loves to learn and do his “homework”. Ryan looks forward to taking tests and gets very upset if he isn’t perfect. We truly enjoy the time together and I love to see the smile on his face when he learns something new. He does get frustrated once in a while, but we work through it together. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get Kyle started.
I would recommend this program to anyone interested in homeschooling their children. Both Pastor Lindsey and Mikki are pleasant to work with and are very understanding when there are problems. I know, I’ve chewed at Mikki’s ear more than once.
Thank you Pastor Lindsey and Mikki.
UPDATE: Nov 2007
Ryan is now 6 years old and finishing 2nd grade. He will be starting 3rd grade as soon as I return the assignment. I love the fact that he is being challenged in a way the public school system cannot. He enjoys Word Building the best and loves to learn. The look on his face when he learns something new is priceless.
Thank you again Pastor Lindsey and Mikki.
Kelly G. – New York ~ Enrolled Sept 2006
Thank you ZION!!! Zion Academy has been such a Godsend for us. After going thru the special services circuit for a few years, and literally watching my child being swept under the carpet, my husband and I inquired to Zion Academy and enrolled our daughter in December.
Since enrolling my child, she is more socially active, (Which is amazing, since the school termed her as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and said she needed that socialization because she wasn’t social enough. The socialization she got was being picked on because she couldn’t speak right, and had trouble understanding things, emotions of other people, etc.) Before, my 1st grader would come home, and cry. We would drive to school and cry. Now, everyday, my daughter asks, “We going to do school work now?” She loves it!!! Since just December, we have seen a 120% improvement in her attitude, behavior, wanting to learn, everything! And the best part of all is she gets the one on one learning that she desperately needed without the added distraction of other students, surprises, etc of a public school.
I simply can not thank God enough for showing us the way to Zion Academy. It has been a HUGE blessing, and one we all enjoy!
Daphne U. – New Mexico ~ Dated March 2009 ~ Enrolled December 2008
I thank God for this wonderful blessing to be able to educate my son through your great Academy. The curriculum you have chosen for him is working very well. I really love the fact that every student receives a diagnostic test to receive a tailor made program for each individual student. My son has received the gift to be able to really enjoy a good education. He actually looks forward to school each day now.
UPDATE: June 2007
We are very thankful for your Academy. Your school has made a wonderful difference in our son’s education and other areas in his life. He has learned a lot and has been able to advance quickly. We thank you very much for the opportunity of distance learning. What a blessing it is to have this choice available to students!
Maria C. – Massachusetts ~ Enrolled Sept 2006
I’ve said it on the phone before, but it bears repeating… Thank you! Thank you for enabling me to keep my precious children safe at home, and being able to teach them one on one in the comfort of my kitchen. With certain current events in the news lately, about random killings in schools, I thank God every day I don’t have to send my girls into that ‘war zone’! They are learning things that would never be taught in the ‘regular’ school setting. Such as invaluable memory verses, about creationism, and good moral values! I am ever in your debt for the wonderful help you give in making all this possible!
Karen C. – Ohio ~ Enrolled July 2005
I can’t begin to thank God enough for putting you in to my life. You put God into my son and that is something I wanted but we all lacked and through your teachings which made it fun, my son now knows about God and why Jesus died for us. Nothing compares to that education! I wish he could stay enrolled and I am very sad that he is leaving your academy.
I just wanted to tell you just once more how proud I felt sending my son to your school. That was all I wanted to do was to thank you and tell you how proud you made me feel as a mom sending her son to a wonderful Christian Academy.
I have referred your school to a bunch of people who were talking about homeschooling. I hope that someone that I know goes to your school.
Tia J. – Florida ~ Enrolled 2004-2005
Zion Academy of America and it’s staff have been a blessing to me as a parent educator. This simplified cutting edge techniques used in the curriculum have made teaching my children a pleasure, as well as given me the confidence to do something I wasn’t sure I was capable of doing; that is to teach my children and manage my home at the same.
As a high school graduate myself, I wasn’t always sure that I could even homeschool my children because I thought I had to be able to put things together myself. And what if I didn’t give them something they should have known. In fact, I did put things together for my 1st child, and it was more work than what I had planned on. That was before I found out about Zion Academy. The comprehensive organized curriculum cured my doubts, and the staff have given me added confidence when I’ve needed it. I feel that my children are getting everything they need to know, and much more.
My wisdom and knowledge have increased as well, because I am learning things, even in the elementary years of my children, that I know I was never taught.
I am so thankful to be a family enrolled in Zion Academy of America. I plan on taking my 4 children all the way through High School using this program because I believe in the values, character, and the methods used in Zion’s curriculum as well as the wisdom of the staff.
Amy S. – Washington ~ Enrolled 2000-2007
It was such a pleasure speaking with you. I felt I was heading in the right direction. And after speaking with you, Marigene, I know that I am leading my daughter in the right direction. We are looking forward to spending many years getting to know you and following your teachings.
Kelly F. – Georgia ~ Enrolled 2004-2006
As parents of four, my husband and I decided to homeschool our children to ensure they would have a Godly education geared for each of their learning styles. But due to some unexpected circumstances, we could no longer homeschool.
Therefore, we placed our children in a Private Christian School. This has been the best alternative, but we have not been completely satisfied with the curriculums they used, especially in the Kindergarten program. Our son was just not getting it at school.
I contacted Marigene and asked if I could purchase the Kindergarten phonics program for him to supplement at home. IT HAS SAVED OUR LIVES!!!! HE IS VERY EXCITED ABOUT READING NOW! NO MORE TEARS!
Marigene not only has been a wonderful administrator, but also a wonderful Spiritual friend.
Thank You, Marigene, for doing God’s work and being there for our kids!
Debi S. – Washington ~ Enrolled 1999-2004
It is a privilege for me to recommend Zion Academy. It is dedicated to helping families educate their children at home.
My granddaughter enrolled at the 10th grade level and graduated in May, 2002. The Principal, Marigene Lindsey, provided counseling and guidance frequently. She did this in a professional and caring manner. The curriculum provided my granddaughter not only the basics of education, but made her aware of the importance of good health habits, social and political issues, and God. A good education is learning to meet life situations, and Zion Academy provided Jaclyn this type of education. I can recommend Zion Academy without reservation, because it is an outstanding professional private school.
Margie P. , MD – Texas ~ Enrolled 2000 – 2002 (Graduate)
As parents of three children enrolled in Zion Academy, I would highly recommend the school. The school’s standards are extremely high and it’s staff very helpful to parents in their pursuit of home-education.
Our family has been in relationship with Zion Academy since 1991 and we have greatly benefited from the ministry of this school and the expertise of it’s staff and administrator, Marigene Lindsey. Two of our children have already graduated and a third will soon. Two others will follow within the next couple of years.
Pastors David & LuAnn H. – Texas ~ Enrolled 1991 – 2003 (Graduate)
I first learned of Zion Academy through a friend in 1988. I had 3 children who were failing in the public school system and I needed help. I did not know where to turn. Then a friend told me about Zion Academy and of Marigene Lindsey. I made a call to Zion Academy to discuss my situation, and to my surprise I found out just how far behind my children really were in their education.
I enrolled my children in Zion Academy and immediately I could see a difference. I was very pleased with the program that they offered. Eventually my children finished the program and graduated. If it was not for Zion Academy, I don’t know what I would have done. Marigene and her staff were always so helpful and explained things to me clearly and were always there if I needed them.
Zion Academy upholds the highest of standards. I was always proud to have had my children in Zion Academy. And I personally have recommended Zion Academy to many families in the passing years.
Janice W. – Texas ~ Enrolled 1988 – Graduate
After having many difficulties in public school, I decided I wanted to be home schooled, so I started Google searching. My parents were hesitant at the idea at first, but then we found Zion Academy. Now, I can feel more at ease about getting a good education. No more high school drama and dreading having to actually GO to school or having the multiple distractions that come with public school. I’m now making straight A’s, my parents are proud of me, and I’m proud of me too!
Bonuses in enrolling in Zion are:
* Getting the chance to graduate early
* Graduating with a High School Diploma from an Accredited Private School
Thanks to all the staff at Zion, you are all so helpful!
I’m really glad I found this program.
Student: Jennifer G. – Texas ~ Dated February 2008 ~ Enrolled February 2007
Hi, I am a student that used to be in Public School. I had trouble learning and keeping up with the fast pace of Middle School. Because of the distractions of others and bully’s I asked my Mom about homeschooling and she said okay! I was researching curricula and found Zion Academy, and I really liked what people had to say about it! It has made such a difference in my life, without the stress Public School caused me. I have always had trouble in math and Zion Academy immediately accommodated my needs! I have learned so much in math and more in everything else.
My mom has noticed a big difference in my grades! I highly recommend Zion Academy because:
-It is a fully accredited Private School.
-They can accommodate your needs.
-It is Christian Based.
-The staff are very polite.
-They design a curriculum just for you at your level.
Thank you Zion Academy!
unknown student ~ Dated 01-15-10 ~ Enrolled unknown
Zion Academy is truly a really nice school to attend. I’m a student here, and I get my work done very easily with my parents’ help. I don’t have to deal with regular problems at school.
I see my friends when they come home from school. It gives me time to spend with my family and a chance to help my parents with my little sisters. It’s a nice school.
Student: Nadia A. – Florida ~ Enrolled January 2007 – August 2007
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Jonita H. on 11/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars -- Would Recommend? Yes
Zion Academy is a true God send
Zion has helped my daughter in her struggle to complete 9th grade