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Mission Statement

It is the philosophy and belief of Zion Academy of America (ZAA) that God has created each child uniquely. A child will succeed academically, when diagnosed properly for his or her strengths and weaknesses, when given the right tools for learning, and when taught how to be a self-learner. Our learning programs will help your child become an independant learner, so that he or she can attempt most anything in life.
Many children today simply do not fit well into traditional school environments and their unique learning styles are neglected. It is the goal of ZAA to see that each child is given an opportunity to succeed. It matters not whether the child is learning disabled or a genius at the top of the class. We firmly believe in the benefits of a school at home and understand a parent’s needs for freedom and flexibility.
It is our goal to assist parents

> in discovering their child’s potential
> by giving their child the correct diagnosis
> in guiding their child toward an attainable goal, and
> by providing the tools to help their child develop the skills to be a winner in life.

We accomplish this by our commitment to the parent and by helping ONE child at a time. Our classical approach to the studies of academics will empower the child to reach for the highest goal possible.
We can provide you with all the benefits of a home education and the support of a private school.
Zion Academy of America has no specific denominational or cultural focus and is doctrinally acceptable to a broad range of conservative Christian denominations. ZAA accepts students of all faiths.

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