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Handbook and some Quick References are password protected.  Please call or email the office to get the current password.
(* The Handbook is currently being updated.  Your patience is appreciated during this time.)

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Word Building Purple Sheet
Word Building Purple Sheet - Continued
Word Building Purple Sheet - Continued
We are always updating and watching for errors. Please let us know if you have found an error in the Score Keys, we will be happy to pass along the information to the appropriate people.
Social Studies
Cancel, Transfer, or Withdraw
Basic Information
   > Account Name
   > Student Name
   > Email
   > Phone Number‚Äč
New School's Information
A few questions to answer to complete the withdrawal / transfer process.
PayPal payment option to clear any outstanding balance and pay the Cancellation Fee of $250.
Payment Authorization
Date to Process
Amount to Process
Reason for payment
Which card to use - ‚Äčif card is not on file, a call to our office is needed to give the full card information for processing.
Update Information Online
Update Includes:

    > Shipping
    > Home
Phone Number
Email Address

Update Includes:
Auto-Pay vs Bill-Me
Day of month for processing monthly Tuition
Update or Change the Card on file - If card is not on file, a call to our office is needed to give the full card information for processing.
Request Online
Request Includes:
Transcript - Official
Diploma Replacement
PayPal Payment (required)

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